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Let’s face it, the fact that you’ve even found this site shows that you obviously have some concerns regarding the importance of pure water and the availability of it in your home, both for drinking purposes and for bathing.

There’s simply no denying that in recent years, more and more people have become increasingly aware as to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, we only need to look at the growing demand for organic foods, or the persistent objections with regards to the use of pesticides, in order to see that this is a trend which is not going to simply go away. Likewise, more and more people are becoming aware as to the importance of drinking pure water.

Unfortunately however, even though people are becoming increasingly aware as to the importance of drinking pure water, the quality of water continues to decline. In fact, recent studies suggest that more than 2000 toxins can be found in the average drinking water, including lead and chlorine. For the most part, these chemicals find their way into our water supply due to modern farming practices and other forms of pollution.

Shockingly enough, one can now find all of the following in tap water.

Ironically, a huge percentage of the world’s population believe they are safe guarding themselves by only drinking bottled water, but the sad truth is bottled water is not necessarily any better than regular tap water. In fact, bottled water can sometimes be even worse than tap water due to the fact that there are absolutely no governmental standards, or quality control standards to ensure that bottled water is in fact better than tap water.

No less an authority than the FDA states:

“Numerous companies that produce and market bottled water are in fact defrauding the general public.”

Has it ever crossed your mind that in some instances, bottled water costs more than gasoline? Furthermore, assuming you’re the type of person who is concerned with regards to the environment, then perhaps you should also take the following statement into consideration:

“The market for bottled water is directly responsible for hundreds of millions of plastic bottles being manufactured and transported, only to eventually ending up in landfills. In short, it’s destroying our wonderful planet………….”

Eric Olsen, Natural Resources Defense Council.

Of course, many people are concerned about the environment, about their health, and the health of their families, so what is the ideal solution? The answer to this question is that we should rather opt for a home pure water filtration system instead.

Having said that, there are of course differences between the various filtration systems available, and as you may well know, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Let’s take the following into consideration:

1) Contrary to what some may believe, “reverse osmosis” or “distillation” systems are currently not the best systems available. Yes they do manage to remove contaminants from the water but the downside is, they also remove numerous minerals which are essential for maintaining one’s health. Remember, in the natural order of things, minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium are not removed from our water.

2) Because some systems lack multi-filtration, some potentially hazardous toxins remain in the water.

3) While many people tend not to realize it, the quality of water used for cooking and bathing is also extremely important. After all, the warmth of a bath or shower opens the pores of our skin, thus making it vulnerable to impurities and toxins. This is of course of particular concern to anyone suffering from one of many skin conditions.Admittedly, there are a vast number of reputable pure water filtration systems available on the market, but as far as value for money is concerned, Aquasana is by far the best possible choice. In fact, they have for the last five years been voted “Best Buy” by Consumer Digest Magazine.

What’s more; their range of products is suitable for all budgets.

1. Products specifically designed for shower water filtration.

“The benefits are not only immediate, but they’re noticeable as well”

Dr. Alan Pressman/Health Talk Radio.

“It’s just like taking a shower with natural spring water”

Jonathan Antin/Celebrity Hair Stylist, Host of Reality Show “Blow-Out”.

Aquasana shower filterAquasana shower filter schematic

2. Water filtration systems for individual faucets.

Aquasana under the counter faucet filter dismantledAquasana under the counter faucet filter

3. Glass bottle filters which you can take with you when you’re on the move.

Aquasana pack of six bottles

4. Top of the range filtration systems for home water supply.

Aquasana filtration system

If you’d like to see why tens of thousands of well informed people choose Aquasana products, be sure to visit their site right away. You can be rest assured, not only are their products the best there are, but they also offer consumers the best possible dollar for dollar value.

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  1. Jae Swinehart 2011-01-31

    Great article-would like to publish in my free newsletter for seniors but was wondering if the information applies to Washington residents as well?

  2. Art Martin 2011-02-21

    I have a table top distiller I’ve been using for a couple years now. The water tastes delicious. I would think that if a distiller removes everything except chlorine, that there would be a bigger chance of smelling or tasting the chlorine, since all contaminants that may tend to mask the smell or taste have been removed. Do you have any non-partisan technical testing data you can share? I hate to think that I’ve been drinking bleach for the last two years.

    Thank you.



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